Kill enemies. Collect energy before it run out.

Use arrow key for move character and Spacebar to shoot

Firefox gives better performance. We working on it

Published Sep 30, 2017
StatusIn development
Made withDefold


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Hello! I just wanted to say - if you are need music for this game, please write me on (just didn't found how to write to you in private). P.S. Yea, i liked this game)))

Thanks! and yes we are looking for music for our game

Do you have any site? (FB, Twitter, Soundcloud etc.)

Nice to meet you and let's keep in touch.

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Great! Besides email you can write me on You can listen my music from other games there as well.

Hi. Fun graphics. 
I found a win strategy - keep spacebar pressed ) But after several minutes of playing in that way main hero stops shooting and you need to wait for bullets restoring

Good graphic